At last, the holiday season is upon us. It’s once again the time of year where families gather and point out loved ones’ short-fallings while unwrapping overly-priced ‘oh, you shouldn’t have....’ gifts.
If you’re away from home and are lamenting the lack of ‘white’ this Christmas, chin up—We’ll tell you how to celebrate Christmas like an Egyptian:

Go to the corniche and cut down a palm tree. Take it home and decorate it with stringed termis and painted-over light bulbs.



 Times are hard; in lieu of presents, give your loved ones bags of sugar. It’s all anyone wants.  



Can’t leave out carolling! Knock on the doors of all the neighbours in your building and sing ‘Dokki Dokki Ya Agras’.


Go see the nativity pantomime at Kasr El-Dobara church downtown.



Have your whole family over. Argue about politics and the economy.


 For Christmas dinner, serve stuffed pigeons and roasted batata.



 We don’t have Christmas crackers, but bombas make noise too.



Don’t miss out on the holiday telly - Gana El-Bian El-Taly will be on! 


 See if you can find any leftover imported Holiday-themed Lindt. Spend all your savings on it.



 Scoop up sand and pack it into ball using tap water. Hurl at your friend and declare a sandball fight. 


7appy 7olidays, 7abibis.

By Salma Thanatos Rizk