It all starts with the beautiful golden hour, a morning breeze that freshens you up. While the order of nature remains glorious, we humans have done nothing but take each of its blessings for granted.

For as long as we can remember, we have seen some filthy friends, relatives, and “unknowns” littering away with all the rubbish they generate. And, with no previous strict laws or campaigns that encourage recycling, all the garbage piled up, contaminating our streets, our senses, and our inner peace.

Looking for a way to handle the damage that has been dealt to the environment, Egypt’s Cabinet reached a decision. As reported by Youm7, the Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, made an announcement on behalf of the cabinet that involved Egypt’s launch of a new hotline for citizens to report rubbish. 

The new hotline’s number is 16528, and you can even file a complaint through WhatsApp at 015-5552 5444 or 015-5551 6528, and through

The complaint will then be handled by the cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center, who will make sure that the area reported is cleaned.

Egyptian streets reported that earlier in April, that a new law was announced to constitute a punishment for littering, which could lead to a fine between EGP 2,000 and EGP 20,000.

If that law is imposed, nearly 44.8% of Egyptians would be fined. Why? Simply because the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics released a report that highlighted that 44.8% of Egyptians litter.