With only a few hours left until the anticipated Eid Al-Fitr, feelings of joy and positivity are filling our Egyptian streets. You can say it all comes within the package of Eid. However, there are some random acts of kindness we can do that can help us spread the holiday spirit even more. Here you go! 

CALL your old friends and relatives


This one sounds obvious, yes. But unfortunately, the heartwarming phone calls have become outdated for some reason. Instead of the obviously copy-pasted WhatsApp greetings or broadcasts, take a moment to actually call your loved ones. Take it from us; it’ll surely make a difference.

Give out balloons and sweets to kids


What’s more rewarding than making a little child smile? Head out to Eid prayers with a few balloons and some sweets stocked in your car and hand them out to little kids afterwards.

Give away envelopes of “Eideya”


An “Eideya” is a cornerstone of the holiday’s identity and a super iconic tradition that we have managed to preserve throughout the years. Whether to the children in the family or the underprivileged, we all give out Eideyas, but what about we do it with a kind gesture this year? Instead of handing your security guard or valet the money like any normal day, you can put it in an envelope and place a greeting note inside. That’ll make anyone’s day.

Visit orphans and seniors

Grandson holding grandpa's hands

Eid means family time, but what about those who ended up on their own? Being blessed with a family doesn’t mean we forget about orphans or seniors. Pay them a visit on the second, or even the third day of Eid, and put a smile on their faces.


By Nadine Arab