Whenever summer is upon us, the Sahel season kicks off. The dilemma of hassle-free renting in Sahel is something that’s been slowly killing beach-goers, one step at a time. From exaggerated pricing to actually finding a villa or apartment available for rent, it’s just a nightmare. But why do we have to struggle with Facebook groups, endless brokers, or the unreasonable 1-week minimum stay? We get it, you have no friends or family to crash their place. Well, why haven’t you thought about Airbnb? We did.

First things first, if you aren’t an avid frequent traveller who’s familiar with Airbnb, let us enlighten you. Airbnb is an online marketplace where people can rent vacation homes or rooms. The Airbnb culture is widely common across the globe, however, in Egypt, it’s only well known among travellers.

You can find lots of Airbnb listings around Egypt, in places like Cairo, El Gouna, and Dahab, but mainly because those are super touristy spots. Little did we know that our beloved North Coast is an option as well. We mean, it’s not a tourist destination, but surprisingly, as we entered random dates on the platform for the summer and searched for a place to rent in Sahel, we were amazed.

There are plenty of options; the posh and the average, with various price ranges, depending on the resort, of course. It’s not cheaper though; prices are more or less the same. After all, Sahel is a very seasonal destination and it’s a supply and demand thing. Nevertheless, the hassle is solved. All you have to do is book online with your credit card and voilà.

To our surprise, as we were digging into this, we stumbled upon some local alternatives. The platform, YallaSa7el, is basically the Egyptian version of Airbnb. From its name, it seems that it’s fixated on the Sahel dilemma, however, it has listings all over the country. Also, if you’re familiar with Property Finder, another website where you can hunt properties for rent or sale, it has Sahel properties available as well.


By Nadine Arab