We live in a fast-paced world that is dependent on the one tool that keeps us connected to everyone: smartphones. Lately, with the many choices out in the market, choosing a smartphone has proven to be a challenge. Normally when making comparisons, you would think of price, performance, battery, design, hardware, and all that it takes to prevent the fear of missing out. However, the choice has been made easier by OPPO, a global smartphone manufacturer that is keeping its head in the game of keeping you connected through its smartphones, especially their latest, the F9. Surprisingly, many of the people we love have joined the ranks of OPPO, and we are here to tell their tale of how they have managed to stay with attention through the F9.

First up we have Huda Al Mufti, a model and an actor whose sense of fashion has our jaws dropping whenever we set eyes on her newest dress, her chic purse, or her glamorous pair of heels. Her strong sense of style speaks volumes in terms of staying connected to the fashion world, and having her as one of OPPO F9 ambassadors is testament to what the F9 is all about: staying connected to the fashion world with style. Al Mufti told us that the best thing about the F9 is the way it’s designed, and recently we saw her wearing a ZAAM dress inspired by the “Starry Purple” colour of the F9.


The F9 is a true fashion statement, but smartphones nowadays are battery intensive, and we often run out of charge before we find a plug or get home. So, what good is a phone that is always plugged in? It’s no good at all. Hence, as the actor Mohamed El Sharnouby puts it, the VOOC flash charge is one of the exceptional features of this phone. OPPO have implemented the newest technology in their F9, giving you a 2-hour talk time after a 5-minute charge. In addition, the 3500mAh battery ensures that you stay connected throughout the day without ever needing to plug the phone; but, just in case you do, the VOOC flash charge is there.


If, however, you’re anything like the young actor Khaled Anwar, a person who is extremely sentimental and always keen on recording memories, staying connected with the past, and showing people what the world is like from his eyes, this is where OPPO’s cameras come in. The double camera setup on the back gives you the ability to record your most favourite moments like a pro, with an out-of-focus effect, as well as capturing life in extremely sharp detail thanks to the dual rear cameras (16MP + 2MP). On the front, there is a wide-angle selfie camera lens that packs a 25MP sensor, so you won’t ever find a need to squeeze your friends in or take awkward selfies.


As highlighted by OPPO F9 ambassadors, many things can keep us connected to the world through the F9: design, battery, and camera. It would be an understatement to say that the phone packs nothing but those things, because it houses a powerful processor capable of running PUBG on high settings. Also, it packs 4GBs of RAM version & 6GBs of RAM version and 64GBs of internal storage. So, are you going to choose to stay with attention?