Are you still trying to figure out what will you be wearing this Halloween? Well, we have your back with some creative ideas as usual. Ditch the cliché devil and dead student costumes and get in touch with your Egyptian pop culture instead for a change. Here are some characters that you might like to consider being for one night. 

P.S: If you still haven't decided where to party either, check out our Halloween CGuide here.


Via Tenor

A wig, a retro training suit, a vibrant turtle neck, and voilà !

Khalty Nousa

Via Al Watan

Another wig and a white galabeya are all that you need. Oh, don't forget the pillow for your fake backyard. 

Khalaf El Dahshoury Khalaf

Via Amino Apps

Another Heneidy classic. Head to the tailor and get yourself an oversized yellow suit, borrow one of your dad's old flamboyant shirts, hold a briefcase, and you're good to go. You're probably thinking about what you'll be doing with a yellow suit after Halloween. Well, you can never go wrong with Jim Carrey's famed The Mask costume next year.

Hossam Hosny

Via Donia Al Watan

He might not be a fictional character, but Hossam Hosny is definitely the style icon of his era. Grow a beard and rock the retro look like a boss (or a pop star).

Moving on to couple goals:

Gawaher and Ashour

Via Gfycat

El Nazer will remain a favourite no matter how old it gets, and Gawaher will always be one of the coolest, funniest fictional characters we've ever come across. Couples would effortlessly pull off the best costumes of the year if they appear in DIY Gawaher and Ashour outfits.

Abdelghafour Boraei and Fatma

Via Ein

That's what we're talking about when we say couple goals that would live on forever. Get yourselves galabeyas and you're both good to go. 

Raya w Skina

Via Ein

Who doesn't known Alexandria's infamous criminals, Raya w Skina? Of course, Shadia and Soheir El Bably's humorous version of the siblings is what you'd be aiming for. All you need is some traditional old Alexandrian attire and loads of make up and fake gold.