Almost a year ago, one of our all time favourite actresses returned to the screens after dropping the acting career (supposedly for good). From co-starring in iconic 2000s romances to Niqab to acting again, Hala Shiha’s rollercoaster journey definitely proved to us that she was missed. Thankfully, it wasn’t for so long that El Selem Wel Te’ban superstar realised she really belonged to the film industry, landing her a role alongside Mohamed Ramadan in his latest Ramadan series Zilzal.

Apart from her incredible performance in the series, we’re still excited to see more from her (after all, it runs in the family), we truly missed that beautiful face (which also seems to run in the family). The Shiha girls have never failed to make us wonder where to lay our hands on the infamous Jennifer Anniston anti-aging potion, and the 40-year-old actress is surely no stranger to that.

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In courtesy of Egyptian photographer Bilo Hussein’s work for 7 Ayam Magazine, Shiha gracefully posed for the latest cover shoot, styled by Maissa and Sahar Azab. The breathtaking results left us with only one question in mind, is she even aging?

Not just that, but lately, a photo of Hala with her not so little kids went viral on social media. And apart from admiring the motherly relationship with them, everyone wondered what possibly be her beauty secret. So tell us, Hala, what is it really your secret?