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There are two types of people; those who prefer flowers and those who lean towards long-lasting green plants. However, liking something for its appeal is one thing, and deciding to care for one is a totally different story. Choosing to get a plant (or more) is just like adopting a puppy or having a baby; it’s a responsibility, and it’s definitely not just watering.

For those wanting to use up their tedious quarantine hours learning about the hobby they’ve been putting on hold, read on. We did some digging on Instagram and got you some accounts that will not just bring greenspiration to your feed but will also educate you, and give you everything you need to know.

Plant Cult

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One of our absolute favourite accounts is hands down Plant Cult. The account is incredibly informative, and the admin is super helpful and friendly, so don’t hesitate to shoot them a DM if you feel hesitant or have any questions. Not to mention that Plant Cult also sells those babies; it has everything from bonsais to cacti, all packaged in minimalistic, high-quality pots.

Planty House Plants

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This one also has plants for sale for both indoor and outdoor areas. The account provides you with all the care details you need to know.

Succulent for Life

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For the love of cacti, this Instagram account will introduce you to the world of succulents. So, if you’re leaning to this specific type of plants, Succulent for Life will help you fall in love with all its varieties.  


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This Insta-blog will tell you all about caring for plants. From simple fixes and how to deal with pests to where and how to place your plants at home. And in an attempt to raise more awareness and kill some quarantine time, Jardin will start giving live classes as of today. So, make sure you follow it on Instagram and stay tuned. 

Do you already have plants? Drop a picture of your babies in the comments!