It’s safe to say that Google is the most popular website used daily around the world. At the end of every year, Google does this cool thing where it reveals “Google trends”, which is what people have been searching for the most. Ever wondered who searches for what? That’s the info Google has for us! 

2020 was such a full year, lots of stuff happened from the pandemic to celebrity news and everything in between. Well, who’s curious what Egyptian’s use Google for the most?  

Most searched words in Egypt:

Covid-19 was on top of the list as the most googled during the past year, especially in upper Egypt. Well, not surprised, it has been hard!

Second was “Secondary school report”, we hope everyone did well!

Third on the list was the American elections, then came the Egyptian League. 

Most searched questions in Egypt:

“Advice about Coronavirus” took first place between the end of March and April, it was searched the most in upper Egypt. This was the time where Egyptians (and mostly the whole world) were curious about everything. 

“How to train at home?” took the second place, then came “how to write a CV?”  Fourth on the list was “Healthy/fast dinner ideas”, and surprisingly, Egyptians worried about the environment as well and went for “advice to save the environment?”. How interesting?

Most searched songs by Egyptians in 2020:

Mahraganat took the highest rank, I mean, who doesn’t enjoy mahraganat? The most searched song was “Oud El Batal” by Hassan Shakoush, and has kept its place from last February ‘til now. Egyptians do love Shakoush and mahraganat because the list goes on! The second most searched song was another one of his, “Bent El Geran”. Last but not least, came “Hala walah”, “Oud El Batal”, “Shams El Magara”. Those songs were commonly searched in upper Egypt.

Most searched series:

The past year has been mainly a stay-at-home kind of year, so of course, everyone went for TV shows! “El Ekhteyar” took the first place, then came “Paranormal”, and in no time, “El prince” and “El Nehaya” conquered the third and fourth place, even coming before “La Casa De Papel”, which took the fifth place. 

Famous and public figures:

For 2020, Hassan Shakoush, Sheikh Muhammad Shoman, football player Moamen Zakaria, and Ramadan Sobhy came on top of the list as the most searched famous figures.

Most searched matches:

Al-Ahly and Zamalek match dominated the list of the most searched Egyptian league matches throughout the year, followed by Zamalek and Esperance in second place, then Al-Ahly and Tanta, Al-Ahly against Al-Masry, and Al-Hilal against Al-Ahly.

So, let us know what you searched Google for the most in 2020?