The urban city’s dust and pollution are quite damaging to our skin, and store-bought products that we usually use are all full of artificial ingredients that might harm the skin even more. This leads us to realise that nature could be our best friend.

The sustainability initiative in Egypt has influenced many startup businesses to take up natural products, which led to the launch of this gem of a brand. The Gem Products aims to provide the nation with affordable handmade natural beauty products ranging from soaps and lip balms to scrubs, lotions, and more.

With the winter well and truly upon over, it’s the most crucial time for us to take care of our skin so that it doesn’t end up being dry and dull. The knight in shining armour that is The Gem Products writes a summary of each product’s ingredients to provide you with the benefits and guide you towards what would be suitable for your skin. The natural ingredients they use include tea tree oil, coconut oil, and many more essential oils.

“A good source of B-vitamins like niacin, thiamin, Vitamin B6, and pantothenic acid...The antioxidant properties of vanilla protects your skin from damage caused by environmental pollutants and toxins”, reads the summary on The Gem Products’ vanilla soap.

Not only that, but the brand also provides you with a detailed step-by-step skincare routine that incorporates their products. All of their products come in different scents and sizes that will leave your skin moisturised, hydrated, and radiant. Their soaps are designed so beautifully that you can gift them or even show them off as decor in your bathroom!

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