When Egypt’s National Football qualified for the FIFA World Cup this year, the qualification inspired many Egyptians. One of these Egyptians, is a biker who respectively decided to pedal his way to mother Russia, starting his journey from the Pyramids of Giza. 

According to Al Arabiya, Mohamed Nofal started his 5000KM journey this month, and if all goes according to his plans, he will reach Russia by the 10th of June. Nofal will be alternating between biking from Giza to Sharm El-Shekih, and then taking a boat to Aqaba in Jordan. From Oman, Nofal will be departing on a plane that will land in Greece, where he will use his bike to cycle through most of Europe, from Athens to Russia.

The Egyptian Minister of Youth and the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs are sponsoring Nofal’s trip, and he will be coordinating with them.

Nofal’s guts had him cycle to Gabon to attend Egypt’s match in the African Cup, and while he was faced with a bumpy road, he surely learnt a lot, according to Al Arabiya.

Cover by Al Arabiya