With most of you now spending your quarantine in Sahel, you need to up your entertainment a bit. And what’s better for a game night than a game of trivia or a board game? Or how about both combined? A FRIENDS-themed trivia board game! Yes, it exists!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S.O.H.O.L.I.C is a board game packed with 206 challenge cards in six categories that we’ll get to later. Based on your answers, you either move forward or backwards and depending on the category, you’ll know how many steps. The game can be played by 2-6 players (six tokens represent each friend), or you can also play in teams. 

So, what kind of challenges can you expect?

Remember the six categories? Well, there are FAN cards, SUPER FAN cards, and FRIENDSOHOLIC cards; these are all trivia questions that get harder, and tell how much of a fan are you. Then, there are the WHO SAID cards, where you pick a catchphrase or a line from the show’s script, and you have to figure out which character said it. There are also the DRAW cards; those will give you an iconic thing from the show that you need to draw for the other player(s) with the drawing pad and pencil provided.

Your position on the board will tell you which category to draw from, and you’re only allowed one draw unless you land on BAMBOOZLED, then you have to play it right away. BAMBOOZLED cards will ask you to answer three questions from the first three categories WHILE doing a physical challenge. You could be asked to do push-ups or run around like Phoebe, for instance.

The game is super cool, fun, and will definitely help settle the “who’s the biggest FRIENDS fan” argument once and for all. To get your hands on it, you can order via Instagram