Some would go to the end of the world for the love of football, and FIFA supports whoever loves the beautiful game this much! The Egyptian Cyclist, Mohamed Nofal, has received huge support through the Arabic account of the FIFA World Cup on Twitter.

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In the tweet, FIFA said that they wish Nofal luck on his 65 day bike trip to Russia. They also mentioned that he will be covering 5000 kilometers with his bike, and will pass by several cities such as Romania, Bulgaria, Jordon and more.

The 24-year-old, Nofal, started his trip on the 7th of April from Tahrir Square to support Egypt, and he is expected to arrive on the 7th of June. Although he will pedal most of journey to Russia, he will have to fly over Syria & Iraq due to security reasons.

Nofal told Reuters that he is hoping kind strangers along the route will provide him accommodation for a night or two. So if you happen to be one of them, please don’t hesitate… We support you bro.

By Sara Mosharef

Cover by Al-Arabiya