After 17 years, Zamalek Football Club’s long-awaited win has finally arrived. Zamalek fans from all over Egypt came to attend the game and cheer for their favourite team members.

After the game, Ahmed Sayed, who scored Zamalek’s winning goal with his fantastic strike, told Bein sports: “We were confident that we would win the Confederation Cup title after Obama’s goal."


Fans went overboard celebrating the win, dancing and cheering their hearts out. They all tweeted about it and took their happiness about the great news to various social media platforms. They talked about how they’re back again, stronger than ever, and that the rightful team won.

Along with this ecstatic feeling, Christian Gross, the real hero behind this achievement, expressed how proud he is of his team. “It was important to bring the giants back to their deserved place,” he said right after the match in a news conference. 


Unfortunately, the joy of it didn’t last when the President of Zamalek Club, Mortada Mansour, announced that Gross’s contract won’t be renewed when it ends this month. Fans were devastated and expressed their disappointment, urging the president to take back this decision that came to a shock to many, especially because Gross is the one who led the team to last night’s win for the first time in history. No further action has been taken yet, but we’ll keep you posted in case of any updates.


By Yara Tarek