Featured image via Baycourt

Continuing the positive steps towards the rights of people with disabilities, the Ministry of Culture, led by Dr Enas Abdel Dayem, has just announced that all the state theatres will be equipped to serve the elderly and people with disabilities.

The Egyptian Opera House is the first venue to follow the ministry’s instructions by activating the wheelchair service in all its theatres in Cairo, Alexandria, and Damanhour. Dr Magdy Saber, the head of the Egyptian Opera House, has confirmed that the new service will not cause any change in the theatre’s features, adding that this service is mainly to make things easier for the visitors, especially after the tremendous attendances of numerous shows.

We can’t be happier for the cultural development and human awareness spreading in Egypt concerning the rights of minorities and putting people with disabilities at the top of the priorities list.

It’s also worth mentioning that Egypt hosted it’s first-ever Special Olympics Pan African Games, earlier this month. The Olympics started on the 23rd of January and lasted for eight days of competitions between almost 800 athletes from more than 42 African countries.