Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by an extra chromosome, leading to a delay in growth, mild intellectual disability, and distinctive facial characteristics. It is often seen as a disease by society, but it's not. "The disease is just in people's minds" just like little Noah Hesham's mother says.

Noah Hesham is just an Egyptian 2-year-old who happens to be rocking an extra chromosome. In an attempt to raise awareness about the disorder and shatter all the stereotypes, his mother created an Instagram account to show people that having down syndrome doesn't make you less than others.

"They may be delayed in some things, but they are very smart; actually smarter than many normal people I know," wrote Sohad El-Tantawy, Noah's mum.

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‎• بما إنّ ‏أكتوبر هو الشهر العالمي للتوعية بمتلازمة داون ‎‏فتابعوا حساب نوح علي انستجرام @noah_hesham ‎‏وهايشارككم كل يوم معلومة عن أصحاب متلازمة داون واتعرفوا عليه واستمتعوا بجماله ‎معلومة النهاردة : لكل الأهالي اللي عندهم طفل عنده متلازمة داون، اعرفوا عن متلازمة داون. كل ما عرفت أكتر كل ما قدرت تساعد نفسك وتساعد ابنك، حِبه والعب معاه.عامله زي ما هتعامل أي طفل.اخرج معاه واتبسطوا مع بعض.وفر له كل الفرص اللي هتخليه يكون احسن Since October is Down syndrome awareness month, follow Noah’s account @noah_hesham to see a fact everyday about Down syndrome and enjoy Noah’s beauty♥️ •Today’s fact: ‎‏ To all the parents of kids with Down syndrome, learn about Down syndrome. The more you know, the more you can help both you and your child, love and play with your child. Treat him as you would treat any child. Take your child places, have fun together. Provide your child with as many opportunities for him to be better. _________________________________________ Extra chromosome, extra awesomeness ‎كروموسوم زيادة، حب زيادة #downsyndromeawarenessmonth

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Ever since Noah's account was created a couple of months ago, and the little kiddo's been posing in pictures with Egyptian celebrities, like Amr Diab and Karim Fahmi, who showed their love on the Gram. But since October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, more celebrities have been posting their pictures with Noah every day to shed light on the cause. Those include Mohamed El Adl, Hesham Maged, Riham Abdelghafour, Hazem Emam, Hend Abdelhalim, Mohamed El Sharnouby, Khaled Anwar, and more.

Kudos to Noah's super mother for her efforts, the kind celebrities for their support, and most importantly, to Noah and all the other kids out there redefining awesomeness as we know it.