Egypt’s first match in the FIFA World Cup is only few months away, and the hype has not stopped and will not stop anytime soon. Lately, EgyptAir and Presentation Advertising Agency, unveiled Egypt’s national team custom painted “Plane of the Pharaohs.” It looks and smells like victory already, and it is amazingly executed!

Egyptian Football Association (FA) Chairman, Hany Abu Raida, told Al Masry Al Youm that the plane looks “wonderful” and that it is completely “unprecedented.” The plane of course carries Egypt’s flag at its front, then our legendary football player, Mo Salah, and the rest of our fabled team!

“I was hoping that the [Egypt national team] players would see their pictures on the plane, like all the players of other major teams, which has been now achieved after reaching the 2018 World Cup,” Abu Raida told Al Masry Al Youm.

Egypt's national football team will be playing friendlies with Greece and Portugal in Zurich, to prepare them for the FIFA World Cup.