Egypt has many places that are magical, unique and just breathtaking. While we often tend to forget about all of that and wonder where our savings are gonna take us outside the country, the people at the Lonely Planet seem to be much interested in Egypt. According to their website,, Egypt led their 2018 list of Best-In-Travel under ‘Best Value’.

The website chose Southern Nile Valley in Egypt to be the first place on the list where there are lots of historical monuments and temples. It’s basically a trip to the beautiful Luxor and Aswan. Don’t tell us you’ve never enjoyed this spectacular trip because we all did when we were little, and now everyone around the world will.

If you don’t understand how big this is, let us tell you; this website has been a guide for all the low-cost & backpack wanderers around the world, and has helped quite a number fulfill their passion for travelling. It hosts articles for the experiences of some people, tips on accommodation, food, destinations and more. They even do bookings and offer experts help when needed.

Watch this video the website uploaded to mesmerize readers with our beloved country.