June is finally here, and that means only one thing; it’s officially summertime. That being said, we should all expect a massive amount of fun, lots of trips to the beach, and most importantly, and unfortunately, unnecessary habits and trends. Here are the don’ts of summer 2019. Please ditch and move on. Thanks.

Don’t overdo the tan


The Tamer Hagras look is way too outdated. P.S: Orange is definitely not the new tan.

Don’t invest in floaties


Those gigantic water floats are not worth the fortune they cost you. Yes, unicorns and flamingos are cute and everything, and the floating castle looks just like the house of your childhood dreams, but still no! It’s a trend and you’ll soon get over it. 

Don’t mistake a summer romance for anything more serious

Affectionate brunette couple hugging on beach

Summer is an emotional season that comes with lots of rainbows and butterflies. That’s why there might be a lot of false alarms. Stay alert to red flags, girls and boys, and don’t waste your time on a relationship when it’s quite obvious it has an expiry date. 

Don’t wear one AirPod


AirPods are sold in pairs, they’re meant to be tucked in both ears of yours. Don’t just wear one, we all know it looks silly. 

Don’t carry your businessman kit


Boys, you don’t have to walk in carrying your wallet, pack of cigarettes, mobile, keys business card holder, and God knows what, in one hand. That’s why they invented pockets and backpacks, remember?


By Nadine Arab