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Having a sense of style is important. But as many of us have been stuck at home during quarantine, keeping up with style aesthetics has been difficult, and we’ve all been excited to experiment with our styles and start discovering aesthetics made popular by TikTok.

Egyptians have been getting ideas that they haven’t shied away from incorporating into their wardrobes, and if you want to see the different aesthetics they adopted, check them out here. Who knows? You might want to try them too!


1- The Effortless look (AKA The Waterway 2 Aesthetic)


You might ask why we called it the “Waterway 2” aesthetic, and we’ll gladly answer! Simply put, it’s because this is how the majority of the people (mostly teenagers) going to Waterway dress. This style can be characterised by a combo white or red Adidas sweats (or just sweats in general) and a T-shirt with a hoodie hanging on the wearer’s shoulders. Sounds so effortless, right? It is, and although we don’t know why this became a style, it sure is comfy too!

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Tip: If you want this style, just pick any sweats and wear them with any top.

2- The Grunge Aesthetic

Can you believe that the coolest looking people genuinely don’t put a single effort into what they wear? Yes, these are the people who fit the Grunge aesthetic.

The grunge aesthetic is usually a rock band t-shirts and flannel shirt, with the shirts either being wrapped around the waist or worn on top of the t-shirt. Grunge-y people usually also add combat boots to seal the look—so cool, right?

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Tip: Wear a shirt that has a rock band on it and a flannel shirt. 

3- E-Girl

An anime-inspired ‘look’ for girls, the E-Girl aesthetic is usually characterised by matching sets and cute clothes, such as colourful mini-dresses. These are typically accessorised with pink chokers, silver jewellery, and heavy but colourful, artsy make-up, which all make it extra cute.

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Tip: Look up E-Girl make-up on TikTok because that is the style’s main accessory.

4- Hipster Aesthetic

The Hipster aesthetic is very low-key to the point where it may even seem effortless. If you want to get into this style, you don’t just throw anything on—you should actually put way more effort than usual to look so effortless and good at the same time. You might usually spot hipsters with tote bags, reusable straws, or a book they’re not even reading.

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Tip: Wear round glasses, even if you can see well. It’s the vibe that counts.

5- Dark Academia

Here’s how we describe the Dark Academia style: It’s a fusion of gothic, preppy, and vintage styles. Those fond of this style usually look like they just came out of a Harry Potter movie or are professors at Ivy League universities, which makes sense. The whole point of this ‘look’ is to appear smart, obviously.

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Tip: Wear chic items in darker colours—and also, try wearing glasses to match the vibe.

6- The Preppy Look

People incorporating the Preppy Look into their wardrobes live for formal wear—they simply love anything that makes them look like they work in corporate or graduated from a prestigious, posh school. But you can easily spot that, with all the polo shirts and smart-casual pants Preps usually wear. Think of Cher from the movie Clueless, and you’ll get it.

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Tip: Get a colourful, chequered blazer and wear more polo shirts.