We all woke up yesterday feeling like we’re stuck between a dragon’s fiery jaws. We may joke about it as much as we want, but this heat wave is pretty serious and dangerous. Many people have been warning about how climate change will lead to more intense and frequent heat waves like this one. And here we are now, currently suffering.

You should be aware that being exposed to that kind of heat for long could lead to many heat-related illnesses like heat strokes or exhaustion. This wave will reach its peak on Thursday and Friday. And, because we know how hard it’s going to be, we’ve got your back covered with some tips on how to survive.

General Tips:


Never leave your kids or pets inside a parked car

Not just that, but also don’t leave perfumes, batteries, gadgets, lighters, or even fizzy drinks in your car. For your own safety, try to park the car in shaded areas. 

Seek air-conditioned places

Try to stay indoors these days and try to remain in air-conditioned places. Also, draw your blinds at home.

Wear a hat and apply sunscreen

Don’t leave your house without these two essentials. You’ll thank us later.

Wear light clothes

Wear clothes made of natural fabrics, like cotton, and avoid wearing black or dark colours.

Shower frequently

Take a cold shower once you come back home from work and before you go to bed if you can. 

Make sure all your food is in the fridge

Don’t leave your food outside the refrigerator in this weather; it’ll go bad.

Don’t expose yourself to direct sunlight around noon time

The weather is hottest between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm; avoid going out at that time if you can.

And in Ramadan:

All previously mentioned tips should be applied, that’s a sure thing, but because most of us are fasting, it could be a little bit challenging. So, here’s what you need to do:


Drink plenty of water after Iftar

Even if you’re not thirsty, a bottle of cold water should always be with you; drink as much as you can.

Eat salads and fruits

Cucumbers, watermelons, lemons, lettuce, gelatin, fresh mint, among others will help you endure the heat.

Buy portable fans

Yes, carry it around for when you end up at places that aren’t air-conditioned.

For Pet Owners:


Adjust their schedule accordingly

Don’t take them out for walks before 4 pm and don’t let their paws touch the heated ground as it’ll cause major damage. Also, apply pet-safe sunscreen before leaving the house on exposed areas such as the nose and tips of the ears.

Keep them hydrated

Always leave a water bowl with a couple of ice cubes and if you can leave a running fan too, please do. 

Give them a shower every now and then

Their fur can exhaust, so, give them showers whenever you can. You can also wet some towels and leave them in shady areas for your pet to lay on.

Don’t forget stray animals

Leaving a water bowl at your building’s entrance; you never know, you might save the life of a stray cat or dog. You can also do the same thing in your balcony or rooftop for birds too.

One last thing, don’t forget to check up on others like your neighbours and relatives, especially the elderly as they can’t endure such weather. Let us know if you have any more tips to survive this heat wave.


By Yara Tarek