We complain and complain and complain about Ramadan – but actually, we all secretly love it. Yes, Ramadan in the summer sucks and yes, we understand that you get cranky when you haven’t had your morning coffee – but Egypt changes in Ramadan. There’s something genuinely festive about the whole thing – something that Pepsi is channelling with its own Ramadan celebrations.

Tapping into this almost instinctive yearning that Egyptians have during Ramadan to gather in large groups, eat large amounts of food and talk and laugh loudly because, well, that’s just what Egyptians do, Pepsi’s Ramadan ad this year has a bit of a twist to it – you can’t watch it by yourself.

Split over three separate parallel videos, the folk at Pepsis ask you to grab two friends and their phones, before lining up each video on a separate device, placing them next to each other to make some sort of super-wide-smartphone-screen and pressing play on all three at the same time.

The campaign has already been a hit, with the hashtag #يلا_نكمل_لمتنا. sending the campaign viral, while social media users have embraced the off-beat ad and pictured themselves with friends and family watching the ad on three devices.

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By Kalam El Qahaira