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It’s been a while since Egyptian actress Sawsan Badr’s been impressing us with her new look. Apart from the fact that greying perfectly suits her and that she looks gorgeous, Badr here is teaching all women a great lesson about confidence and body image. 

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Us, women of all ages, tend to look at celebrities in awe, thinking twice about how we look like. We doubt our bodies and natural beauty as we take a look in the mirror, wondering why we don’t look like this movie star or that cover girl. Just one silver hair and dye becomes our new best friend; we’re constantly under pressure to always look good. But what’s good enough anyway?

Seeing the stunning 61-year-old actress, known for both her beauty and brilliant acting skills, shattering stereotypes and ditching hair dye like that is actually quite inspiring. Everyone in the country has been noticing the graceful look ever since Badr let her silver hairs on the loose, and it’s time to show admiration. Yes, it all started when she was asked to let her hair go grey for her role in Welad Rizk 2, but she could’ve dyed it back. Instead, she didn’t. So, hats off for that!

via Harpers Bazaar Arabia

The superstar even took it to Instagram and we’d have to say, we happen to be avid followers and admirers of her social media presence. From being constantly active, updating her fans with her latest news to supporting local designers and flaunting her own style.

Her latest wave to make was hitting headlines for her recent shoot, Night at the Museum, for Harpers Bazaar Arabia. Badr’s huge resemblance to the Ancient Egyptian queen, Nefertiti, made her the perfect choice for the impeccable shoot that took place at The Egyptian Museum. 

via Harpers Bazaar Arabia

If there’s any lesson to learn here, it’s not to surrender to societal pressure. Be yourself and embrace it. Thanks to the inspiring superstar for this empowering message!