Did you hear that? We don’t think you did, because Cairo has been ranked as the second noisiest city in the world by the World Hearing Index. Cairo came in second to Guangzhou, China, and was followed by Paris, Beijing, and Delhi.

Well, we know better than to take this lightly. The chairman of the Quiet Coalition, Dr Daniel Fink, told The Guardian that “Noise pollution causes hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, strokes and death.” In other words, the infinite honking of micro-bus drivers, the very loud weddings across the street, and your noisy neighbours could be the reason you drop dead earlier than expected. 

Shortly, living in Cairo has the equivalent consequences of living in a factory. Indeed, back in 2007, the Egyptian National Research Center in 2007 reported that noise pollution in Cairo comes up to around 90 decibels, and never drops below 70 decibels. 

Cover by Ben Snooks