As the cult of fashion continues to sore in Egypt, Cairo Fashion Festival can rightly claim to be one of the biggest dates on every fashonista's calendar and, leading up to season six of the fashion fete, there's plenty in store for fashion fiends across the city.

Taking place on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th of May at Cairo Festival City's Amphitheatre, the two-day extravaganza will attract Cairenese from far and wide for its runway shows, continual fashion presentation for local designers and international retail brands, red carpet extravaganza and live entertainment.

This time round, things are being stepped up a gear by CFF founder, Omar Madkour, and his team, with 15 runway shows planned and over 5 exhibitors covering both international and local fashion setting-up shop.

In addition, CFF is going green, and has also teamed up with department store, EGO, in an effort to develop and expand a platform for local designers to showcase their work beyond the catwalk and into a retail set-up. A partnership with Virgin Megastores will also see local designers pushed to the masses and the CFC branch of the electronics and home entertainment chain even held a special 'Sketch Day'.

13237662_949631138488033_5831379575939752394_nOmar Madkour poses with Clorinda Siag (L), Ghadie Al Aganany (C) and Sarah Amr (R) at the Virgin Megastore Sketch Day (Photo: CFF Facebook)

The partnerships continues CFF's commitment to championing the local fashion industry; though some of the word's biggest brands and designers can be found at the festival, Egyptian designers and fashion entrepreneurs have come to play a huge part in what has become an essential fashion event in Egypt. And just to add a cherry on top of this trendy ice-cream sundae of an event, shoppers at CFC will also be privy to proceedings with the festival set to be shown on screens across the mall.

For more information about CFF Season 6, click here.

By Kalam El Qahaira