Taking Egypt by storm is the vastly up and coming Ayana brand, serving premium quality leather belts with flawlessly distinctive designs.

Ayana is a family-run business established by three sisters, who’ve managed to market themselves and their goods brilliantly within a busy market.  Launched in December 2020, the online shop has already gained momentous attention, with celebrities such as Hend Sadek and Soraya Shawky already spotted wearing their belts.

Ayana specialise in 100% genuine handmade leather belts, and extend their creative juices to corsets, suspenders, and fringe belts that reach all the way down to the knees! Their items come in rich shades of red, olive green, and browns; from copper oxide to camel and bold mustard. And you can never go wrong with black! Their “black twisted” and plain suspender belts are certainly top of their designs so far and a hit with the customers.

Snake and Cobra prints are all over this current collection, with some of their simple designs fiercely adorned with chains and metal rings. One can certainly tell there’s more up the sisters’ sleeves for the near future. Until then, there’s enough to satisfy hundreds of empty waists waiting to be accessorised with unique belts that ensure a perfect finish to an elegant look.

Check out Ayana’s Instagram to place your order.