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As you know, we’re all about the party life, entertainment scene, and everything in between. And since we make sure to bring you a complete guide on where to go out and about, we felt obligated to guide you through it. No, we’re not talking about ticket inquiries, and so forth, we’re talking about how to make this experience an enjoyable one for you and those around you. So, next time you’re planning to attend a live performance, make sure to strictly follow these do’s and don’ts. If we all do, we’d definitely make a better crowd. 

#1 Screaming

Do cheer for your favourite artist. Everyone loves and engaged audience.

Don’t scream in your neighbour’s ears.

#2 Finding your spot

Do arrive early in hopes of finding the perfect spot to enjoy the gig.

Don’t try to squeeze yourself in the middle of the performance. And pushing someone to stand in front of them, also not cool.

#3 Interaction

Do interact with other fans when possible. Concerts and gigs are great places to make new friends.

Don’t strike a loud, random conversation with your friends in the middle of the performance. The person standing next to you paid to see his favourite artist sing, not to listen to your breakup story. Plus, it’s rude to the singer or band you supposedly came to enjoy.

#4 Documenting the moment

Do take as many photos and videos as you can to document the memory.

Don’t leave your arms hanging up there; others still need to see, you know? Oh, and don’t use flash. So not cool to point that at other people in the dark.

#5 Dancing

Do dance and have fun.

Don’t step on other people’s feet, accidentally scratch others with your long, sharp nails, or knock someone out as you show off your dance moves.

#6 Smoking

Do smoke all you want in the designated smoking area.

Don’t smoke in a super crowded, indoor venue. People still need to breathe.


Bottom line is, be civil when attending a concert or gig. Enjoy the day and let others enjoy it as well.