After a couple of days of everyone talking about Assala’s relationship with the Iraqi poet Fa’eq Hassan, the Syrian superstar decided to settle the controversy and announce her marriage.

Assala posted a photo on her Instagram account talking about how close she is to her new husband and how well they click. She continued by thanking the fans for their support and best wishes.

Assala’s fans didn’t take long to realise that Assala announced her marriage on the birthday of her ex-husband Tarek El-Eryan. Tarek was Assala’s husband for 12 years until they were officially divorced on the 15th of December 2020. Fans speculated that Assala married Fa’eq a while ago, but she didn’t announce it until Tareq’s birthday to somehow send a message that she’s over him. As a reaction to the marriage announcement, Tarek unfollowed Assala on Instagram.

Assala is currently in Saudi Arabia along with her husband, and they’re supposed to return to Cairo on Wednesday for the opening of their new restaurant in Uptown Cairo.