Galleria40’s Culture Lab saw people all from walks of life flocking to enhance their skills and have fun practising their hobbies. The instructors, highly-trained in all that is art, music, or fitness, have been welcoming the passionate, the inspired, and the aspiring (both young and old) over the years. Culture Lab hosts three different schools: Art Mania, Art Café, and Slimnastics, in addition to Designers Boulevard that supports local talent. Each of these schools is specialised in providing guidance and training regarding music, fine & applied arts, and fitness & dance.


Art Mania is a music learning centre that sees people with experience in all that is music. Art Maniateaches not only beginners about instruments, reading different notes, understanding musical chords, scales, and treble and bass clefs too.

Art Café, on the other hand is more about fine and applied arts, where attendees get to learn how to draw or take advanced workshops in drawing. There are also a number of other workshops available like photography, photojournalism, jewellery, makeup, calligraphy, doodling, and decoupage.

Slimnastics is a fitness and dance school that brings you all the different types of workouts and dances to get those grooves going. For fitness, they’ve got the very meditative yoga classes, so you can flex your body all you want and remain grounded and balanced. In the dancing school, they’ve got a Latin Salsa workshop, and ballet workshops, either way you will be grooving at your preferred pace. Galleria40 also provides other cardio-intensive workouts that get you to burn fats without adding bulk, improve stamina, and tone the body.


Last but not least, Galleria40 has the Designers Boulevard, a hub where talented Egyptian locals get to show their art in all that is fashion, photography, or design. In fact, anything that has an end product is welcomed and displayed for the masses through shops, exhibitions, and catwalks. It is a chance for all aspiring artists to showcase their work and earn the spotlight they deserve. In addition, the hub offers workshops for sculptors, sketchers, photographers, interior designers, and more. Besides showcasing all that is art, select designers get to have some temporary spots in Galleria40’s Containers, an initiative designed for people to be able to display & sell their products.

By Adel M. Fakhry