Art is therapeutic. It soothes your soul and helps you connect with your inner peace. Once you dive into it and get lost in doing what you love, you forget about all your surroundings and worries. We’re not speaking metaphorically; art therapy is a thing, and we’re about to unveil its magic and where to find it in Egypt! 

Art therapy is a technique used to treat psychological disorders in a way that uses creative expression to foster mental health. Those who seek art therapy find remedy in the creative process of making art, which allows them to express themselves freely. 

The best part about it is that you don’t need artistic skills, just the will to explore your potential and give art your full attention. The therapy manifests its power from arts and different means of communication, which get people to open up and understand themselves more. 

The session can be any form of artistic activity, and that it includes painting, drawing, clay making, carving, doodling, sculpting, and scribbling.

An art therapy space should be a safe zone for people to feel more in control and thoroughly enjoy it. People who can benefit from such an experience are those affected by trauma or significant health challenges, people with depression, autism, or dementia. Basically, anyone can benefit from the therapy. Imagine being able to mend your scars using colours! 

If what you just read seems intriguing to you and your mental health, here are some ways you can seek the soothing powers of art therapy in Egypt! 

Recovery Zone: 

Recovery Zone is Egypt’s leading centre for intensive outpatient treatment (IOT) programmes. It offers art therapy sessions, which integrates psychotherapeutic techniques with the creative process in an attempt to improve one’s mental health.

Sandra Elsabbagh:

Sandra Elsabbagh is a certified Art Psychotherapist. She offers different models of Art Therapy, where you can have a one-to-one session or with a group of people.

The individual sessions focus on creatively expressing, reflecting, and exploring one’s thoughts and emotions, while the group sessions focus more on verbal sharing along with making art, of course.

Carol Hammal:

Carol is a certified art psychotherapist from Drexel University in Philadelphia, and she is Egypt’s first trained art therapist! She uses art therapy to treat chronic diseases, and has a long, impressive list of services to offer her clients!

Nehal Hussein: 

Nehal Hussein is a wonderful artist who studied art therapy. She offers ‘Effective with Arts’ workshops at Dawar Arts. The two-month workshop is an integration between understanding and practising to help improve one’s tolerance skills. In the workshop, you’ll experience a self-explorative journey through different art forms, including drawing, painting, writing, sculpturing, movement, and music.

Art is truly powerful. It’s much more than just creating appealing pieces; it’s about the process itself and the journey it takes to create something wonderful and colourful, and along the way, you colour your world too.