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Every human is strikingly different when it comes to being in a relationship. That’s just a fact. However, there are some patterns that seem to be followed by certain types of partners that are a little too obvious to not notice. Since we are focusing on long-distance relationships today, let us explore the two ways it can go when your partner is relatively far away from you: success or failure.

First, let’s dig into why this type of relationship is so hard to maintain

Life can get excruciatingly distracting for you when your partner is not physically present. Whether temporary or permanent, it’s still challenging to keep in touch and support your partner remotely.

What makes it even harder is the lack of intimacy and close contact. As Egyptian grannies tend to say, “whoever is out of sight is also out of the heart!”. We have to say that the older generations had a point with that one, guys! You do learn to be on your own, and the heart, unfortunately, grows colder.

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The uncommon pros of long-distance relationships

Don’t lose hope, people! As crazy as this may sound, there are many pros to a long-distance relationship. But frankly, this is mostly the case if this remoteness is temporary. Spending a longer time can change a lot of things.

The best thing about the agonising wait for your partner is that part when you get to finally meet again! All that yearning and passion will be out of your system as you get to enjoy each other’s company.

Here is a better advantage, you get to build a stronger foundation! How? Well, the more you talk, the more you will learn to communicate better and solve all your couple problems. Not to mention that it will help you know how serious this relationship is, as you will be less likely to confuse lust with love.

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Tips on how to nourish your relationship

Quick note: As helpful as technology is, it can make it a bit hard for someone to understand that if someone is active online, they might actually be busy! That’s why we should keep in mind that life can get really cramped up. However, being busy is not a habit, and it shouldn’t be a thing in your relationship.

Let’s focus for now on how to get the best out of your time in contact, shall we? Our first tip is to set a fixed time, suitable for you both, for video calls. Texting is fun but, come on, you definitely got to see those faces every once in a while!

Another tip we have is to capture moments of your day with pictures or video clips to send to your loved one. Sharing is caring, and it will make your partner feel more involved in your day. We also suggest that you prioritise connection—and that’s not just about talking. Try to connect on deeper levels in the communicative ways you see fit.

Last but not least, why don’t you two go on a virtual date? Facetime as you enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee while talking. Make it even more fun by dressing up for it; there’s no harm in that!

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