Emojis have been used over the past years to send indirect and, sometimes, confusing (back-handed) messages. Hence, OS developers have been at each other’s throats trying to create a new set of emojis that are more descriptive, and less confusing.

Last we heard is that Apple is on the verge of releasing more than 70 new emojis. They are preparing to leave you as speechless as always, and you will have a lot more emojis with which to describe the extent of your shock.

The announcement came through Apple’s website, where they stated that they’re adding more than 70 new emojis, to be made available once users download the iOS 12.1 update; we just can’t wait to try out all of them! Of course they’re not just for iPhone, the emojis will also be available on iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.


It seems like red heads, old people, and bold people were upset over not having emojis that represent them, so Apple decided to create more inclusive emojis. Apple also added a bunch of new superheroes, love emojis, and several other character emojis.

Oh, and if people are envious of you, there will surely be the right emoji for that too!


By Sara Mosharef