Last year, Apple acknowledged the fact that it throttles iPhone performance on purpose when the battery approaches the end of its effective life. And, according to a report by, they will continue doing so with the iPhone 8, 8 plus, and X. So, the good news is, it wasn’t just in your head!

Last December was the first we heard of this, however, Apple reported it has been practising this tactic since 2016 as a way of prolonging the lives of iPhones. What Apple did was release a software update to its users to prevent their phones from suddenly shutting down after the battery’s performance decreases.

What this update accomplishes is that it limits the strain put on the battery. And, in doing so, they rigged the speed of the iPhone, granting millions of iPhone users mobile phones that operate at the speed of a tortoise. What Apple forgot to provide their loyal brand users was the option to choose, seeing as how the answer to an old battery might just be a new battery replacement!

After hearing protests, Apple have finally faced their loyal users’ complaints, as they set in motion a battery replacement program in the USA, where they dropped the price of a new iPhone 6’s battery from $79 to $29 regardless of warranty dates.

With the 11.3 iOS software update, which was released in March, Apple finally decided to give their users the ability to choose whether or not they want what Apple calls “Peak Performance Capability.”

It doesn't really come as a surprise that Apple will continue slowing its phones. And it’s not like their motives are purely evil, after all, it does help. But at least now you actually have the power of choice!

Stay savvy, Cairenes.

By Dina Khafagy