Since yesterday and social media has been witnessing a raging storm over Egyptian model Merhan Keller’s Instagram story. Keller claims that some players from the Egyptian national football team have been harassing her. Those included Amr Warda, Mahmoud Hamdy, Hassan Kouka, and Ayman Ashraf.

According to Merhan’s story, Amr Warda replied to a picture of her boxing gloves saying, “Boxing? Haha”. Shortly after, Mahmoud Hamdy also sent her a message with a red heart. She then filmed all of these messages from another mobile phone, to prove screenshots aren’t photoshopped, asking if this is supposed to be normal.

“One of the players sent me a message telling me that he knows how to get my number. He told me that I don’t know who he is, and that he’ll prove to me that he’s not the guy to say no to,” Keller said in one of her stories after refusing to give away her number. 

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Warda shut his Instagram account down after the scandal. Meanwhile, fans are going crazy; some are angry, blaming the footballers for the shameful act. On the other hand, others are accusing Keller of being a fraud, even though she filmed the messages rather than taking screenshots specifically for that reason.

Merhan, however, was furious and responded to these claims in another story. She said how people have double standards, and that these are just football players, nothing heroic about them for people to defend them that much.