We love our Egyptian celebrities for their work, of course, but when they’re active on social media, showing off their sense of humour, we love them even more. Two days ago, one of the truly talented comedians we all adore joined the social media gang, and we’d have to say that Amr Abdel Gelil is definitely a must-follow on Twitter.

Abdel Gelil took the web by storm the moment he shared his first tweet. He shared a quote, or what sounds like one, and everyone went crazy. Why? Well, no one really knew what he meant. It was confusing and, as usual, everyone started making jokes and memes. The good part here is that Abdel Gelil responded positively and even made more jokes.

It seems like we’re adding him to our list of must-follow celebrities. And in case you need a recap for what you’ve been missing on social media, you’d better follow the following stars as well.

Mohamed Heneidy

We can never mention our favourites and dismiss this one. He always cracks us up with his jokes on the silver screen AND on our mobile screens too.

Asser Yassin

He could break a record for being so interactive on social media. His charming personality and lovely comments got everyone to like him even more than they already do.

Khaled El Sawy

The one who has been trending for quite some time now for his super funny videos. Actually, people have been expressing how they wish they had someone like him in their lives. Check out our article on the 5 times Khaled El Sawy showed us he’s a fun guy.

Mahmoud El Bezawy

His “she friendzoned me” joke about Sawsan Badr in the Grand Hotel series went viral and, ever since, the actor’s been riding the wave with hilarious tweets.

Amir Eid

His stinging comebacks are hilarious. Some fans can get a little weird, so his answers usually scream dark humour. Amir would definitely win the prize for best responses ever.