Our sense of nationality as Egyptians is known to peak at these times; after all, football seems to run in our blood. We stand hand in hand, cheering and chanting together in the stadium, on the streets, and at local coffee shops. Wearing all red, and waving our flag with pride. These moments are surely ones to live for. 

Luckily, everyone tries to contribute to lifting this jolly spirit, including brands. From giving away freebies to creating badass campaigns, the best adverts are, by far, those that stick to our heads the most. Be it AFCON or the World Cup, songs and commercials live on forever. And in light of that, here are the top commercials we love the most and believe will leave a great mark. 

On a side note: Just to be clear, we decided to stray away from other ads that were rather disappointing. Whether you’re still not sick of making sexism the centre of your advertisements or you think you can get away with some voodoo spell you can’t even get fans to memorise, you’ve failed epically. Sorry, but you’re missing out on the whole football spirit game. 

Going back to where we left off, we were saying? Ahh, best ads…. 


This time, Vodafone decided to take a nostalgic turn by bringing back Amr Diab’s “Africa”, 28 years later. With a modernised composition, El Hadaba’s 1991 song now sounds catchier than ever.




Another nostalgic campaign, yet with a more retro taste. After all, we’ve made it seven times before and reminding the fans is quite essential to raising hopes high enough. 

NBK Bank



Nostalgia again? Hmm. Well, we still can’t deny that this was a good one. We love the retro vibes and stop motion, but all things aside, you guys had us at Longa 79! 




Who wants a tutorial on how to sing like Amir Eid or Sharmoofers when Ahmed Basyoni and Mostafa El Meligy can tell us how to win the cup? Hats off, Careem, for keeping up with the trend! 




Other than the fact that we were super hyped to listen to Marwan Pablo and Abyusif, that part that Trezeguet lip-synced? On point much? Thank you, Chipsy and Pepsi, for the lyrical advice you gave to the footballer. All things aside, a campaign speaking for both the fans and the team, with two ads completing each other, kudos to that kind of creativity! 

Coca Cola



After the major success of the Coca Cola’s latest campaign, it seems like the melody’s going to be there for a while as some kind of coke anthem. This time, the happiness spreader hammers on unity, bringing all Egyptian football fans together for one goal, the cup. Not just that we love the idea, the song is super catchy and uplifting!

By the end of this article, we were hoping we’d be able to name a winner, but it seems that the competition between Coca Cola and Pepsico is so intense this time that we cannot decide. Honestly, both have upped their game with their campaigns, even though they’re completely different.

Can you decide? If so, let us know which one is your favourite in the comments.