Image credit: Live News

Actress Horeya Farghaly, known for her roles in Hekayat Banat, Dawaran Shobra, and Kalemny Shokran, has spiked search engines after opening up about depression.

Three years ago, Farghaly suffered a terrible horse-riding accident, which left her with a completely collapsed nose that required total reconstruction. It’s been an ongoing situation over the years, and due to COVID-19, Farghaly hasn’t been able to travel to the United States of America for her final surgery.

After her latest work staring in the horror series Saherat El Ganoub, the actress admitted to being bullied by followers on social media for having a nose job gone wrong. The incessant harassment forced Farghaly into the shadows, which evidently led her to total isolation and depression.

Recently, Horreya Farghaly disclosed that she had a public breakdown, and expressed her sincere disappointment in her friends, as well as colleagues in the industry, who stopped reaching out and asking about her.

“I live alone in a house with my five dogs; they are my only loyal friends for now, everyone else abandoned me,” she heartbreakingly shared during a recent phone interview.

Fans have since been reaching out and showing love and support, but one can never tell how easy or difficult it may be to escape the clutches of depression once it settles in. In times like these, it’s important to remember how words can be much more powerful than we imagine, whether positive words of encouragement and support or blatant bullying and unnecessary criticisms.

We wish Horreya a swift recovery towards mental and physical wellbeing.