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As we all know, new words pop up every day, and you probably don’t know their meaning if you’re above 21…sorry not sorry!

Gen-Z people and some millennials know about these popular slang terms, but not many Egyptians know what some words mean. No worries, though, we got you covered, Fam!

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  • Fam

Fam is short for…you guessed it, family! This isn’t usually used to describe actual blood-related family, though.

The term is used when you’re speaking to or describing someone you’re close with and don’t want to call ‘bro’ or ‘dude’. So, if you don’t want to use those other words, you could always use Fam!


  • Cap

Okay, maybe this one is usually represented by the cap emoji. We get it, but that’s not what it means!

Cap means lying, so if you’re out there talking to someone and telling them an unbelievable story and say ‘No Cap’ after you’re done, then it means that you’re “not lying”.


  • Stan

No, it’s not someone’s name. However, you might see this word all over the place since it’s a combo between stalking and being a fan in a totally non-creepy way.

It’s usually used when you really like something, or you’re obsessed with it, like stanning The Weeknd because his songs are everything we ever wished for—that type of thing.


  • Cancelled

The word ‘cancelled’ can mean a lot of things between closing a website window or cancelling a reservation, which is really close to its slang meaning.

“Getting Cancelled”, though, is something you don’t want because getting cancelled means that you are no one’s cup of tea anymore because you probably did something very bad.


  • Simp

Being a simp is universal, and we secretly live for being simps. When you are a simp, it means you are willing to do anything for your significant other or someone you’re crushing on without a single thought.

Don’t be a simp…but if you have to, do it in secret.


  • Living Rent Free

It may not literally mean that you are living somewhere rent-free, but if someone tells you that something lives in their head rent-free, then it means that they are currently very obsessed with that thing.

More accurately, it means that they’re not being charged anything when they constantly think about it.


  • Sus

Sus might be our favourite word because it’s just so relatable. Being “sus” is when someone or something feels suspicious, so when anyone says that you’re being “sus”, then they’re accusing you of being suspicious. So try not to be “sus”, please, or at least, try to not be obviously so.


  • Bussin’

Bussin’ means that something is extremely good or delicious. So, when you see a cool outfit or eat tasty food, it’s probably “bussin’”.


  • Iykyk

No, it’s not just a bunch of letters all together. They actually mean something, which is “if you know you know”.

The letters are usually used to secretly say an inside joke or a thing you and your friends can relate to, but you know “iykyk” is way easier and shorter to type…and say.


  • G.O.A.T.

We might use the goat emoji instead of typing the word goat, but it does not mean a literal goat. It means the “Greatest of All Time”.

So, if we’re speaking about someone incredible in every possible way then it’s is definitely a “goat”. For example, and this might sound a little bit biased, Messi is the GOAT, no cap!