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If you’ve been spending summers in Sahel since childhood, you know what we’re gonna say about how much Sahel changed and what it’s like now…especially if you went to the villages past Kilo 44 until Porto Marina. This difference split the coast into two versions, ‘Good Sahel’ and ‘Evil Sahel’, with the Good Sahel being more fit for family vacations while the Evil Sahel being more appropriate for friends and partner-oriented trips.

But, what’s the real difference between these two Sahels?


Good VS Evil Sahel


Simply put, Good Sahel feels like warmth—it’s about the smell of the ocean that reaches your chalet, the family all cramped up in one space, and the mornings where you have a huge breakfast with everyone in the family present and laughing. Then, when the night comes in Good Sahel, people go to the town’s cafeteria or take a walk on the beach.

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This version of Sahel is all about chilling with family and renting some bikes with your cousins or playing cards because that’s the only way to have fun there! Good Sahel just feels like family, and we don’t think anyone would argue with that—it tastes a little like ‘macarona and panee’!


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On the other hand, Evil Sahel feels extremely capitalistic and pretentious. Whenever you’re in any of the Evil Sahel compounds, you’ll always feel like people are trying to prove they have more than others, as if it’s a competition.

And that shouldn’t be the case at all because you go to the North Coast to chill, have fun and get a tan; it shouldn’t feel like a burden to have fun. No one should feel like they’re going to Ibiza rather than going to enjoy the beach.


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Which Sahel Do You Prefer?

Whether you miss the old Sahel days spent with family in the ‘Good Sahel’, or you’ve always felt like you belonged and had fun in the ‘Evil Sahel’, you’ll find that everyone gets nostalgic for the older times because everything was simple and low-key. Many people aren’t pleased with the new Evil Sahel because there’s no relaxation there anymore—everything gets too loud, noisy, and un-vacation-like.

The question here is, which do you prefer: The nostalgic vibes and quietness of Good Sahel or the fun and action of Evil Sahel?

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