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Grocery shopping is slowly turning from a commonly dreaded chore to an extreme sport, all thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak. So, instead of panicking and falling victim to paranoia, follow these nine simple tips for a safer grocery shopping experience.

#1 Avoid rush hours

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If possible, avoid rush hours when grocery shopping. The busiest time is usually mid-day, bearing in mind that hypermarkets and supermarket chains close their doors early because of the curfew. So, early in the morning is probably the best time to do your shopping.

#2 Use hand sanitiser


Make sure you use it before and after grocery shopping and not just after. One should also care for the safety of others.

#3 Spray rubbing alcohol on the shopping cart

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Your shopping cart’s handle is a surface you’ll be in direct contact with the whole time you’re in there. So, spray it with some rubbing alcohol in advance; better safe than sorry.

#4 Bring your own surgical mask and gloves

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If you wish to wear a surgical mask and gloves for extra safety, then bring your own. Yes, lots of big supermarkets do place plastic gloves near the entrance, but you don’t want to put your hands in a plastic bag where everyone else in there had placed their hands as well.

#5 Bring your own tote bags

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Not just that it’s safer than plastic bags that might be contaminated, bringing your own washable tote bags will help save the environment at a time when no one is as concerned as they used to be pre-Coronavirus.

#6 Do not touch any products you’re not going to buy

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As much as you can, do not get in contact with surfaces or products if you don’t have to. If you need a milk carton, then just get it. Revise your shopping list, and only pick up items if you’re going to buy them.

#7 Do not panic buy

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There’s no harm in stressing about this, so please, do not stock up on products. Just buy what you need and what’s enough for you and your family. Think about others who come after you only to find empty shelves. This is a time when we all need to cooperate.

#8 Keep a distance

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Keep a safe distance from others (which is at least 2 metres), especially while standing in line to pay. Most supermarkets have installed on-ground stickers that indicate where you should stand, so you should use them.

#9 Pay via debit/credit card

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Try to avoid an exchange of cash as much as possible, and if you can’t pay the exact amount, then the safest option is to pay via debit or credit card.