Alexandria is the perfect place for your weekend getaway relaxation, where it’s all about delicious food and fresh salty air! Putting in mind “Ya Shat Eskindria ya Shat el Hawa”, this month would be the best time to visit “Shat Eskindria”. Also, it’s the perfect destination to get European and Egyptian vibes, and view how Alexandrians enjoy the winter spirit by not only eating the best food but also listening to Mostafa Amar’s songs on the Corniche while eating ice cream! So here is a list of things you can do this weekend in Alexandria.  

1) Best Oriental Food 

mohamed ahmed foul-mohamed-ahmed

 Upon arrival, you can start your day with the best breakfast at Mohamed Ahmed in Ma7tet el Raml. This place is by far the oldest and best breakfast spot in Alexandria, where it takes you back to the 70’s and offers the best “Foul & Falafel”.


2) Rides,Gelaty and Sunsets


 It’s all about car rides “3al Ba7r” when it comes to Alexandria, all you’ll need is some good music, and you’re ready to go, but take into consideration the hideous traffic; it’s not only Cairo that has too many cars on the streets. Set your alarm for around 5:30 PM, because this is when you can still catch the sunset.  

While it's still dusk, you can take that car ride to “Bahary” area, which is known for its scent of smelly fish, and it’s also right next to Citadel of Qaitbay. But here you can have some of the best “Gelaty” in town! We’d recommend trying “Om Ali bel ice cream” from ‘Sheikh wafe2’ or ‘Nezamy’.


3)Street Galleries & Cheesy Goodness

alban swrsa

 While you still have a half full tummy, grab your friends and go to look at the stores that showcase and sell beautiful paintings in “Share3 Portsaid”, which, while you’ll experience the beauty but with a touch of salt, you won’t regret it! It’s the same street as “Alban Sewsra” which is another breakfast hotspot full of cheesy goodness.


4) Mamtak Da3yalak

share3 fouad


 Share3 Fouad is the best place to go sightseeing and get those vibes we talked of earlier. If it rains then “mamtak da3yalak”, Share3 Fouad is one the most beautiful streets in Alexandria. It just feels like going home, but to your home in the 70s; the street is filled with vintage buildings on both sides.


5) More and More Food


Tivoli Dome opened in Alexandria a couple of months ago in “Sidi Gaber 3al Bahr”, and what’s better than choosing whatever cuisine you want to eat, and enjoying it with a shisha and the wonderful view.


6) Banging Night Life


Alexandria is very limited when it comes to nightlife, but you can put your dance shoes on if you want to have a nice time with some decent music. We are talking ‘Kraken’ folks, it is a pub with banging music that makes it Alexandria’s most favourite nightlife spot. It is located on El Kafoury Street, off the Alexandria-Cairo Desert road.


7) Culture, Food and Lifestyle of El3arab


 You cannot leave Alexandria without going to “Karyet Hany”, which is open 24/7, and is on the Alexandria-Cairo Desert Rd in front of McDonalds. This place is what your soul will need, as it’s not only a venue to have dinner but also it's an experience where you sit on the floor and drink the best “Shay Zarda”. It’s mainly owned by ‘El3arab’, and they are a Libyan community rooted in the heart of Alex. They have their own culture, food, and lifestyle.

To wrap it up, Alexandria is the perfect weekend getaway, not to mention the people you will meet if you are one of those extroverts! Let’s highlight that “Askandrnia agda3 nas”!

By Aida Issam