You have got two of the biggest malls in the region, some of the best highways, and now an International Airport called Sphinx; what more could you ask for?

6th of October/Sheikh Zayed residents are getting an international airport in about 90 days, according to EL Gomhuriya online newspaper. You can finally kiss the tiresome 2-3 hours drive goodbye!

Sherif Fathy, the Minister of Civil Aviation, told EL Gomhuriya  that once the airport is internationally accredited, it will be up and running; adding that the accreditation normally takes 90 days. The Sphinx International Airport project started in late 2017, and has cost around 300LE million according to a report published by

This new airport will be capable of hosting 300 passengers an hour, and one of the reasons it was built was to decrease traffic on Cairo International Airport. It is located on Alexandria Desert road, at the outskirts of Sheikh Zayed city. The folks who escaped the noisy city will be seeing a lot of big-a** planes from here on in.

By Adel M. Fakhry