Did you ever dream of living somewhere by the sea? If yes, then Kai Sokhna is your perfect getaway destination. The Kai Sokhna community is composed of a selection of like-minded individuals, who all share their love for the crystal clear waters and comfortable lifestyle by the sea. This explains Misr Italia Properties’ inspiration behind the name “Kai”, meaning sea in Hawaiian.

When watching Kai Sokhna’s video, the picture of your life at the compound will further solidify, and you’ll realise that you have been a creature of the sea all along. Shot in a way that would make the likes of Martin Scorsese proud, the direction of the video features a remarkable cinematic theme that allows you to take your first steps towards joining the community – at least with your vivid imagination.

Here’s a list of reasons why Kai Sokhna is in a league of its own in Ain El Sokhna, and why its community is exactly where you belong…

Long Beaches

Kai Sokhna spans over an area of 140,000 sqm, and it features a 1KM sandy beach. A sandy beach this long is rare to find in Sokhna, so your existential walks in the sand will not be interrupted.

Cosy Interiors and Chic Designs

Executed to perfection by Alchemy Design Studio, both interiors and exteriors of the residential units are tailored to your personality. Whether you’re looking for a property that features radiant colours or soothing hues, you’ll find it at Kai Sokhna.

5-Star Hilton Hotel & Resort

Kai Sokhna features hospitable services in case you prefer such a lavish lifestyle. The 5-star hotel includes 200 rooms and suites, an outdoor infinity pool, private beach, bars, ballroom, spa, gym, and more! You won’t just be a guest at the hotel, but more like a family member.

Fins Kite Surfing

Apart from infinity pools that are perfect for a hot sunny day, “Fins” is Ain El Sokhna’s first upscale kitesurfing center. It’s managed by Sherif Soliman and Jennifer Osman, so expect a completely new, out-of-the-box concept from the experienced duo!

Beach Restaurant & Bar by TLT Hospitality

On the days you don’t feel like digging into home-cooked meals or ordering room service, you’ll find an exceptional beach restaurant & bar concept by the sea. A breath-taking view will be served on the side.

Walking Distance

Nothing puts a cherry on top of a perfect weekend getaway than waking up knowing you will not have to drive your car, simply because you don’t need to! All amenities, including laundry services, supermarkets, clinic, and pharmacy, are within a few steps of your home.