Celebrities and public figures’ baggage carries way more than just fame and being subject to continuous criticism. These people have an integral social responsibility where they have to set great examples to their fans and followers. From charity work to healthy lifestyles, a lot of public figures are doing a brilliant job at being role models. But when it comes to self-acceptance, the following women said (and did) it all.

Amina Khalil

From an inspiring talk about her nose insecurities to embracing her muffin top, the Egyptian actress proved to us many times that nobody’s perfect. And most importantly, you need to love yourself, that’s above anything else, because you truly deserve it.

May El Ghety

The hate comments started as soon as the rising star shared a photo of herself rocking a beautiful gown at El Gouna Film Festival. You’re probably asking yourself what’s wrong with that. Well, it was cleavage. People attacked the actress for wearing a revealing dress for someone they believed to be “flat”. May’s response was shocking to us all when she said that she’s always dreamed of wearing such a dress to show off her scars from when she had breast cancer. Princesses can be great warriors too, you know?

Anissa Hassouna

And speaking of the vicious illness, the MP had a vigorous battle with cancer but remained strong and inspiring to others. Her memoir, “Bedoon Sabeq Enzar” portraying this exhausting journey was a truly inspiring move to all the fighters out there. 

Hend Sabri

Remember when Hend Sabri rocked a makeup-free selfie and everyone opened fire on her? The woman was brutally cyberbullied, but that never got her down. In fact, she embraced her natural beauty, and honestly, being true to yourself and your fans is one of the most inspiring things one could do.

Engy Wegdan

The famed actress is no stranger to body shaming, but when it comes to that, she definitely knows how to respond. Other than the way she confidently responds to hateful comments on social media, the actress sent a very inspiring message of self-acceptance to all the “not so skinny” girls out there.

Logina Salah

The popular Logina Salah shattered all the stereotypes about how makeup artists should always look on point. Nobody’s perfect, nobody’s flawless, and as she believed in that, Logina is never scared to embrace vitiligo. Instead of hiding it with makeup (which, by the way, is something she’s really good at) she chose to show it off, sending a clear message of self-acceptance and inclusion.

Thank you, girls, for leading by great example. We’re pretty sure that there are a lot of women out there that look up to you!