What is the worst that could happen if your lies were to come true? Life will probably be much better.

1) Fesikh is deadly


The fermentation of fesikh has caused a deadly bacterium to evolve. By law, it is illegal to buy or sell it. Next time you get your fesikh, it will be from your hood dealer. Just imagine not smelling fesikh every Easter break!

2) You’ll get your overtime.


Being a workaholic hurts, but you will be getting paid every single time you decide to finish some extra work on the weekend or after working hours. 

3) Weed is being treated as a medicinal herb, and is sold at pharmacies


What’s better than getting lit every morning before going to work, during your breaks at work, and every night before partying? Don’t forget, no police officer can do anything about it if you have your prescription.

4) Your boss announced that there will be an after-work party at the office every day of the week.


A DJ will play the songs you need; a masseuse will be there to relax your stiff back; and a hairdresser will give you that new haircut you have been dying to get.

5) Bullshiting is an offense


Some people just get on your nerves. Most of them are the ones who just keep blabbering about shit they know nothing about. Now, now, next time you catch one, call 911. 

6) Harassment is an offense with 10 years jail time, MINIMUM.


Show up in your dress, your short skirts whenever and wherever you want, because sexual harassment will get that jerk some serious jail time.

By Sara Mosharef