We all know the incredible Egyptian actor, Khaled El Sawy, for his exceptional roles, full of layers. Best known for serious and sophisticated parts, we were totally convinced that this was maybe his character in real life. However, El Sawy turned out to be a super fun guy to be around. He proved us all wrong with his funny videos and humorous comments that blessed our timelines. Here are five times we got to see his fun side!

When he danced to Cheb Khaled’s Didi

Currently going viral, he looked so cool busting his moves to the rhythm, making us genuinely laugh out loud. We’d have to say, you’ve got some moves, man! Watch the full video here.

His cute response to that


Let’s take a moment to acknowledge his cute response after the “Didi” video went viral on social media. When he stumbled upon a page called “Nafs El Video Le Khaled El Sawy w Howa Byor2os 3ala aghany mokhtalefa”, El Sawy shared one of the videos saying that he loves his fans and that they’re truly a blessing. 

When he rapped with Ahmed El Feihawy

Remember that video that Ahmed El Fishawy posted on Instagram that went viral too? It was a fun moment that he was having with El Sawy, when BAM, they started rapping together. El Sawy killed it. Mic drop. You can watch it all here.

Dancing on his way to Asiut

Another cool video that went viral was posted by El Sawy’s official page last month. El Sawy seemed to be having a party on the road. We’re all guilty of doing that, but it seems the actor is a fun road trip companion. Watch the video here.

His video howling with his dogs

El Saw was laying down in his living room when he casually started howling along with his five dogs, because why not?

You can watch the video here.

We just love that fun side of yours! Please show us more of that more often!


By Yara Tarek