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If you’ve attended any concerts in Cairo recently, then you definitely know the situation is getting a little out of hand when it comes to organisation. In fact, going online to see people complain about proper event planning and mistreatment in concerts is something of a common occurrence now.


No one can ignore that event planning companies need to change some things for the better. So instead of just complaining, we’ve decided to list the five things that can change the concert-going experience for the better in Cairo.


Open More Gates

Despite all open-air concert venues having multiple gates meant to reduce crowds, no event planners actually use all the gates. This leads attendees to complain about minimal gate access. How can it make sense to have more than twenty-thousand attendees with only one or two working gates? Why not open the rest and make the queues go more smoothly? Wouldn’t that save everyone the hassle?

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Bring More Ushers

We understand that event planners are under unbelievable stress all the time, but we think part of that stress could be alleviated if they hired more ushers. That way, they can have more people who ensure that things go as planned and attendees will be well-taken care of.

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Designated Spots

Concerts with no assigned seating make for very bad experiences for everyone involved, as they’re usually recipes for disaster. The venue will be perpetually crowded and in a state of chaos as everyone tries their hardest to get to the front, prompting lots of pushing. In crowds like these, many people faint. Having designated spots will make everything much better.

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Water Booths Around The Arena

In concert venues, water stands are barely available. And if there’s any source of water, it’s usually some random people handing out water bottles. We think the availability of stands will make everything easier, provided the queues are properly organised.

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More Security Inside The Venue

We understand that there are a lot of security guards present during big concerts. However, we think there should be more guards for extra safety. When you factor in the attendees pushing each other and the number of fights that can break out, extra security doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

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