Still scrambling to get the house ready for the onslaught of guests? Why not impress them with something a little less traditional and a little more.... unique? We've all seen the tin & glass lanterns and the multi-coloured Ramadan fabric, and it's nice but..... well, it's not like your house will look any different from the zillions elsewhere in Cairo. 
Have you ever considered a Japanese-style paper lantern? Or perhaps a contemporary one that will match your house so you don't have to put it away after Ramadan? 

Check out these five places where you can get those and more: 


Origami World Academy


Skip the tin and tinsel this year, and go for something a little more delicate--paper. 
These origami Ramadan lanterns are handmade and heartwarming. 
Origami World Academy also currently has offers on Ramadan decorations: A lantern for 45LE, a light-up lantern for 55LE, a singing light-up lantern for 65LE, and much more!




Surprise your dinner guests when they go to wash up after Iftaar; hit them with the Ramadan-themed hand-towels! Booyah! 
Know someone getting married soon? They also do customized 'His' & 'Hers' towels. 


@Ramadandecorationss (on Istagram)


This Instagram page has the most chic Ramadan place-mats we've ever seen. Just look at those cutlery pockets!
@Ramadandecorationss also sells these clever Ramadan-themed planners, that feature prayer times. Be 'fashionably' faithful. 


Sherry's Pursuit of Crafts


Ok, so we've seen lanterns, towels and place-mats, but why has no one ever thought about making Ramadan-themed cushions? 
Well, Sherry's has! Get one of your own for ##LE! 


ABnG World


Serve your guests a delectable dessert on one of these gorgeous trays from ABnG.
They also have lanterns and statuettes on sale for the occasion. 


With these alternative, quirky and cute products, your Ramadan will be a whole lot more ~festive~ .

By Salma Anderson