As we gather around the Iftar table to break our fast, with only minutes to go before we start eating, some people are there to ruin it for us. They make us want to slap them on the face.

Social Media Addicts


We all love to make memories, take photos of the outing…but this person won’t let you wait in peace and quiet until you start eating…they’ll take tons of pictures of the table, of you, and surely selfies. Maybe even snap one with the waiter. They won’t even budge when the food is here, they won’t let you touch the food until they take a good picture of it. And through the whole sitting, they’re not here with you, they’re in their virtual bubble.

Drama Queens


We’re dying to eat, and now that we can actually do so, we don’t need side talks, or your “Bsssshhhht, I could’ve made this way better” & “Who picked this place anyways?”.

The human Food Broom


They will inhale their food, then they’ll eat yours, and the rest as well. Until there’s nothing left, literally.

Always late, first one to leave


You know your friend who’s always late for your outings, the one that makes you sit in the car waiting for them until you deteriorate silently in the car seat…you’ll have to wait until they come so that you can order together. Then half an hour into the outing they have to leave, because of curfew, or another outing, or whatever.

Mr. I am not in the mood


Food & sleep deprivation turned that person into a monster. They’ll fight with you for no reason at all, and even escalate things a bit, because they’re hungry now, and one minute away from eating your arm. So, try and go with the flow and avoid making them angry as much as possible.

What about you, which type of person do you avoid at the Iftar table.