Millennials got to witness the evolution of so many things, one of these are TV advertisements. We’ll transport you back in time to some of the oldest commercials, which somehow stuck with us till this very moment, serving their purpose as timeless and memorable! 



Only true Millennials will recall this ad; those who witnessed the rise of the internet! Back when we used to connect to the internet using dial-up and an external modem. We used to dial 07775000 to get connected, and we bet you sang the number!



Fun fact: The VO is none other than the legendary Tarek Nour. He was (and still is) a multi-talented icon who never ceases to impress us.

The advertisement managed to highlight every key message, and it remains catchy to this very day. Kind of hilarious, but definitely memorable!



This ad had raised a valid question at the time, and it remains unanswered until this very moment! What do cats have to do with coconut? Why are they dressed in a cat costume?

Despite the unanswered question, the ad was very successful at the time, and it was incredible how they visualised the white coconut covered in a chocolate layer.


Mandolin Ft. Yasmeen Abel-Aziz

The iconic Yasmeen Abdel-Aziz started her career as an advertising model, and let’s just say that she ages gracefully. Mandolin remains one of our favourite products, and we demand a sequel to the ad! 


Raya Nokia

Tarek Nour is truly an advertisement master! Who would’ve thought to bring a talking parrot, and why? Just to have people recall and memorise the message of the advertisement! “3ayz Nokia, roh l Raya”, this line stuck with us for years and years.


How old were you when these ads first came out?